The process

The photographs below are evidence of the substantial deliberation taken in its creation. So, test your legal prowess with the Zuzul & Moorhouse quiz. Legal Disclaimer: It's an internet quiz designed to be entertaining and informative, thus, it does not constitute legal advice. Just general advice.

The quiz

1. What's the statute of limitations for murder?

  • 3 years
  • 10 years
  • A year and a day
  • There isn't one.

d. – A prosecution for serious (Class A) offenses can be commenced at any time.

2. What can the Judge do if you dodge jury service?

  • A fine of up to $500.
  • One day in the county jail for each day of the tial missed.
  • Community service work equaling the amount of time of the trial.
  • a & c above.

d. – From R.S.Mo Section 494.450. And don't dodge jury service! It's the responsibility of every free citizen. It's like a miniature role reversal in that instead of the people in goverment, it's the citizens who get to run things for a short while – if they show up!

3. Should an innocent person ask for a lawyer?

  • No, only guilty people do that.
  • Yes, even innocent people are sometimes wrongly accused.
  • No, the police will get mad.
  • Yes, if you ask for a lawyer they have to let you go.

b. – Yes.

4. What are articles of impeachment?

  • The accusations against a high federal official leading to a trial in the Senate.
  • If a President is impeached he or she is removed from office.
  • It's what you're charged with in Georgia for stealing peaches.
  • a & b above.

a. – A President isn't necessarily removed from office if impeached, that's just the first step. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached, but neither were removed.

5. What should you do if you're being arrested unlawfully?

  • Stop, drop, and roll.
  • Deny everything, admit nothing, and make counterallegations like crazy.
  • Go peacefully and sort it out later.
  • Call the officer names.

c. – Even if the arrest is unlawful that's no defense to resisting arrest. Only do (a) if you're on fire. Even though you may want to call the officer names and it's techncially not a crime-- it's still very stupid.

6. What is the most arcane criminal offense in Missouri?

  • Falsely representing oneself as a registered on-site sewage diposal system contractor.
  • Feigning blindness for profit.
  • Selling unregistered securities.
  • Pantomiming in a public building.

a. – At least we think so. (That's under Section 701.053 & .057 if you want to look it up). (b) and (c), though rare, at least make sense. (Feigning blindness is under 570.053) Though arguably it should be illegal, we made up (d).

7. What must a Judge have to find in order to grant a divorce?

  • There remains no reasonable likelihood the marriage can be preserved.
  • 30 days have passed since the filing of the petition.
  • One of the parties has been a resident of MO for 90 days prior to the divorce hearing.
  • All of the above.

d. – All of the above.

8. What is the Rule Against Perpetuities?

  • Law professors don't know for sure.
  • A rule against dead hand control.
  • A rule preventing a land owner from tying up or encumbering property long after he or she is dead.
  • All of the above.

d. – All of the above. It has something to do with a life estate plus 21 years. Any further explanation would be futile. Applying the Rule Against Perpetuities is regarded generally as one of the hardest problems in law.

9. Should a person plead guilty to a minor traffic ticket the first time he or she is in court and just get it over with?

  • Yes – you can't beat city hall.
  • Deny everything, admit nothing, and make counterallegations like crazy.
  • Talk to the prosecutor– he or she is on your side.
  • No– talk to a lawyer. Even minor traffic offenses can impact your drivers license or insurance rates and a lawyer can probably help.

d. – Of course we're going to say that, but it's for a good reason. Honestly, you may want to talk to the prosecutor to get an offer, but remember what you say can be used against you and the prosecutor is not on your side.

10. How many times can a case be postponed (continued) before it must be dismissed?

  • Three.
  • One.
  • There is no limit.
  • Until the judge gets fed up with the case.

c. – Generally, there is no limit to the number of times. People sometimes think it's only three times, but that's an old wives' tale. (d) is almost correct, and judges are supposed to complete a certain percentage of cases within certain time limits.

11. What is the "Year and a day" rule?

  • A renter has a year and a day to vacate the premises.
  • A draftee had a year and a day to report to the Army.
  • An old rule that if the victim of an assault lived for a year and a day before dying, the perpetrator could not be charged with homicide.
  • A person who is convicted of DWI gets his or her license suspended for a year and a day.


12. (Bonus) Can a pitcher strike out four batters in one inning?

  • No, there are only three outs per inning.
  • Yes, if the strike out pitch is dropped or is a passed ball or wild pitch.
  • Yes, if the home field pitcher pitches to the vistors and is traded to the vistors after the half inning, and pitches both the top and bottom half of the inning.
  • b & c above.

b. – A batter who strikes out can still advance to first if the catcher does not catch the pitch and doesn't throw to first in time. The batter is then safe, but it's still ruled as a strike-out. This is how Royals pitcher Nathan Karns struck out four batters in one inning during the 2017 season. Regarding (c), a player could theoretically be traded during the middle of a game, but he would not be eligible to be on the new team's roster for that game.

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